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Ex-US Army # 1835 is the Museum’s primary road engine.

US ARMY GP-7’s 1822 & 1835. These locomotives were donated to the museum by the Department of Defense in 1993. 1835 is in operation as the train’s primary locomotive. 1822 is stored and mainly used as parts for sister 1835. Built in 1951, these locomotives generate 1,500 horse power. 1835 is in good condition and operates as one of the Museum’s primary road engines. These locomotives were based at the Sunny Point Military Ocean Terminal in Sunny Point, North Carolina.

SEABOARD 1633 ALCO RS-3 This locomotive was built as New York Central 8277. It was used in commuter passenger service, later came under Penn Central ownership and finally was Amtrak 133. It was acquired by trade when the museum traded a Santa Fe baggage car to Amtrak for it in 1987. 1633 is currently out-of-servive for repair. The engine is painted in Seaboard Air Line RR colors to approximate the SAL locomotives that once served the line through Parrish. Currently out of service for engine repairs.

PENNSYLVANIA RR 8604, ALCO RS-3 This locomotive was built in 1955 for the PRR and is preserved in PRR paint. It is not running today but could be restored for future operation. Held for future operation or exhibit.

FGC 100, General Electric 44 ton Diesel Electric. Formerly US Navy 65-00345 and assigned to Jacksonville Naval Air Station, this engine was donated in 1995 by the Navy. The locomotive has two 150 horse power diesel engines with the cab in the middle for maximum visibility. It is used by the museum for switching activities.

CARGILL 61 EMD NW5. This diesel electric locomotive was one of only 17 NW5’s and was the forerunner of the BL2 and GP series EMD locomotives. This one was used by Fort St. Union Depot in Detroit and later sold to Mississippi Export RR, then to Gardinier Phosphate Company. It was donated by Cargill Corporation.

BEDT 12, PORTER 0-6-0T. This steam locomotive was built for the Brooklyn Navy Yard in March 1919. The Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal RR purchased the locomotive in 1922 where it ran until retirment in 1963. It was privately owned and donated to the museum by Dr. Ed Ryan in 1982. This is a small switching locomotive and was used to move freight cars on the docks around Brooklyn, New York. It has been cosmetically restored and is now on display in Parrish.


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SEABOARD AIR LINE COACH 821. This heavyweight coach was built in 1925 by Amertican Car and Foundry. The car features open windows, four bathrooms, 74 seats and a "Jim Crow" section. The car operated as late as 1966 for the Seaboard Coast Line and was later purchased by the Clinchfield Railroad for excursion trips. In 1979 the car was donated to the Kentucky Railway Museum. In 2009, the Florida Railroad Museum traded the Cape Tormentine sleeper for the SAL 821.

COACHES 3518 & 3572 DL&W MU CARS. Built in 1930 for Deleware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad commuter service out of Hoboken, NJ, the cars each seat 70 on cane seats. These cars were operated until 1983 by DL&W, Erie-Lackawanna and New Jersey Transit. The Museum purchased the cars at a New Jersey Transit auction in 1984. They have open windows and are not air conditioned. Both cars are currently operating on weekend and special event excursions.

SOUTHERN RAILWAY BAGGAGE-MAIL CAR 142. Built in 1925 for general service on SR. Donated in 1972 to the Tampa Bay NRHS. Donated to Museum by Tampa Bay NRHS in 1981. Currently stored out-of-service.

ILLINOIS CENTRAL COACH 2682. Built in 1914 for ICRR. Modernized by IC shops in 1947. Sold to Royal American Shows in 1972. Purchased by museum in 1982. Partially restored for eventual service, car is presently awaiting future exhibition or operation.

LIGHTWEIGHT COACH. Built in 1950 for Union Pacific, this 44 seat air conditioned coach also ran on the Alaska RR and the New Georgia RR. It was purchased by the museum in the 1990's and is currently in operation weekend excursion service. A trainline generator and concession stand has been recently added to the car, reducing capacity to 40 seats.

TEXAS & PACIFIC (MP) CABOOSE 12070. Built in 1929, this car was used throughout the MoPac and T&P system until retired in 1981. It was purchased by a museum member who later donated it. It is now used as the Party Caboose on weekend excursions. This picture shows the cab with Cape Tormentine on one of the museum's early excursions on the Agrico Railroad in Polk County, Florida.

NORFOLK & WESTERN CABOOSE 518415. Built by the N&W at Roanoke Shops in 1942, this car was used in general service on N&W. It was donated to the museum in 1987 by Norfolk Southern Corporation. Presently stored awaiting repair.

BALTIMORE & OHIO CABOOSE C-2819. Built by B&O Mt. Clare shops in 1945, this car was used in general freight service on the B&O. It was purchased by the museum in 1988 after being discovered on the scrap line at Russel, KY. It was used regularly on museum trains until January, 1997. It is currently stored and waiting for restoration.

Pullman Short Leaf Pine, ex-L&N, ex Ringling Bros. Built in 1953, with original furnishings removed by Ringling. Currently being refurbished into a museum display car.

ATLANTIC COAST LINE COACH 1116 built by Bethlehem Steel Co. in 1938 for Atlantic Coast Line. Sold to Royal American Shows in 1960's. Purchased from Royal American Shows in 1989. Stored for future restoration.


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